Works    'The Shadow Men' King Street Gallery 2015

The Wildlings by Marc Standing

The Wildlings  2015

Oil on canvas

100cm x 100cm

Purchase for $4,000.00

The Medicine Men by Marc Standing

The Medicine Men  2015

Oil on canvas

100cm x 100cm

The Rainmen by Marc Standing

The Rainmen  2015

Oil on canvas

100cm x 100cm

Skullface by Marc Standing

Skullface  2015

Oil on canvas

30cm x 30cm

The Celestials by Marc Standing

The Celestials  2015

Oil on canvas

180cm x 150cm

Figurine 3 by Marc Standing

Figurine 3  2015

Paper mache, cloth, acrylic paint

19cm x 27cm

Figurine 5 by Marc Standing

Figurine 5  2015

Paper mache, wood, acrylic paint

7,5cm x 11,5cm

Figurine 9 by Marc Standing

Figurine 9  2015

Paper mache, feathers, cloth, plaster, acrylic paint, fiber

15,5cm x 50cm